How to Pack Glassware and Fragile Items When Moving?

People often overlook how important packing is for moving. Everyone knows that you need to find good movers, plan everything properly and give yourself enough time to prepare. But, packing is at least equally important as the aforementioned segments of moving. And nothing is more difficult to pack than glassware and fragile items. That is why we are going to go over how to pack glassware and fragile items so that you can better prepare for your next relocation.


Before you pack glassware and fragile items, you need to deal with certain preparations. Without them, there is no way that you will be able to pack properly. So, make sure that you follow them to the tee and that you do not try to circumvent or shorten them.

Packing Glass

Sorting items

The first thing that you need to do is to sort your items. Lay out everything that you are going to pack and that is fragile. Once you do that, make sure to make an inventory list. You should do this with any item that you pack. But, it is especially important that you do it when you pack glassware and fragile items. Once you do so, you will know how many moving boxes you will need and in which size. This will make it possible for you to only go for your moving boxes once and not make multiple trips.

Find good boxes

The next thing to do is to find affordable boxes for your move. Now, some of you may know the trick of finding free moving boxes. Sure, you can visit your local warehouses and stores and ask them to save you some. But, when you pack glassware and fragile items you should only use top quality moving boxes. And, you can hardly expect used boxes from warehouses to be of top quality, now can you. Therefore, you need to either visit a local moving company or go to a DIY store. Either way, make sure to get the best possible moving boxes. You should even consider getting plastic bins if there are any available. It will be up to you to minimize the chance of a moving accident. And, a sturdy box or a plastic bin will do you a world of good.

Wrapping and padding supplies

What you will need now are wrapping and padding supplies. Luckily, you do not have to rush to your nearby movers just yet. You can use your clothes as padding and wrapping. Thin clothes made out of cotton, like t-shirts, can be great for wrapping. They will provide protection from moisture and from small vibrations that occur during transport. Thick clothing, like sweaters, can be excellent for padding. It provides great protection from the blunt force as it is both thick and dense. If you do not have enough clothes, or simply don't want to use them for padding and wrapping, you can go to your local movers and get supplies. There will be different kinds of packing materials at your disposal, so make sure that you get the best quality ones.

Getting insurance

Do not forget moving insurance. Especially if you are moving something that is not only fragile, but also expensive. Standard moving insurance is calculated by the weight of the items. Therefore, if you are moving a fragile, light item, do not expect a lot for it if something happens. What you need to do is to get separate moving insurance for expensive items. Either talk with your movers or with an insurance company in order to find the best policy for your situation. But, whatever you do, do not even think about moving without proper moving insurance.

Moving insurance

How to pack glassware and fragile items

Now that you have made the necessary preparations, it is time to start packing. Make sure that you follow every step of packing. A single oversight or slip-up can cost you a lot, especially when moving fragile items. If you find yourself in too much trouble, don't shy away from calling professionals to help you out. Every mover will be more than happy to pack your possessions for you. And, it is much wiser to pay for a moving company than to risk moving improperly packed boxes.

The right item in the right box

Every fragile item that you pack should go into its own box. Sure, some smaller items, like glasses, can be packed together in a large box. But, you must make sure that there is no direct contact between fragile items. Even if no mishap happens during the move, there is still a chase that they will be damaged if put together. The reason is the moving truck. There are always going to be small vibrations that can cause damage to items if they are touching each other. Along with the item you need to place both padding and wrapping. Make sure that the item is snug in the box. It shouldn't be able to move around freely.


Tape and label

Once you place the item, you need to tape up the box. Even if it is brand new, make sure to tape it up. There is no such thing as a box that is too sturdy. You need to make sure that the chance of it opening by accident is zero. And the only way to do that is with tape. Once you tape it up, make sure to label it. Use markers that are easy to see and find a place on the box where the label will be clearly visible. Write down that the content is fragile and/or heavy. Also, write down which side of the box is up. This will be of great help to anyone handling your box.


Packing fragile items