Removals Preparation Advice and Tips

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful experiences someone can go through. This is why we have compiled a few helpful hints and tips that will hopefully make your day go smoother and reduce the stress factor involved in moving house!

Don't pack the kettle!

Whilst this might not sound the most important bit of advice, there's nothing worse than spending the whole day moving and you don't know where the kettle is for that all important cup of tea or coffee. Not only that, think of the poor removal men up and down stairs all day lugging your heavy furniture and boxes. A few cups of tea throughout the day will restore their energy and help your removal service continue as quickly as possible!

Boxes, boxes and more boxes!

We can't stress enough how important it is to have plenty of boxes. There's nothing worse than turning up for a removal service and the customer doesn't have enough boxes. This usually means that all the boxes that they do have are overloaded and absolutely impossible to stack. Not only does this mean that the van can't be stacked properly and utilise it's maximum capacity, your items inside will spill with the possibility of some of them getting damaged or lost. For the sake of a couple of quid it's worth investing in some proper removal boxes and in the long run you will save money on the amount of time you are then paying for your removal service. Unsure of where to get them from? Visit Tea Crate Packaging for your Discounted Removal Packs.

Using black bags

Black bags are handy to use for items such as bedding, towels etc. We can use these to push into gaps and make everything stable. However, it's a very bad idea to use bin bags for anything else. The amount of times we see people using them for coat hangers, ornaments, bits and bobs. They just rip through the bags and spill their contents everywhere. Not only that, you can't stack bags very well. They begin to fall everywhere and then you're back to the same problem of the van not being stacked efficiently and hence an extra trip.

Be wise when loading boxes

Place heavy items such as books in the smaller boxes and lighter items such as clothing in the larger boxes. Think of the poor removal mans back when he's lugging a very large crate up an attic staircase that is loaded to the hilt with heavy hardback books!

Protect your breakables

Vases, crockery, mirrors, glass and so on need to be packed up and protected securely. Stuff cups and glasses with newspaper and then ensure they are surrounded in bubble wrap or towels in their boxes to prevent them from chipping against each other during transit or even breaking completely. Mirrors must be wrapped in bubble wrap or sheets to prevent breakages and 7 years bad luck!

Flat pack disassembly

If you want to save time on your removal service then it's wise to dismantle all your flat pack furniture before we get there. Things such as computer desks and double/triple wardrobes will need to be dismantled before they can be moved down stairs. Ensure that all screws and fixing are removed and placed in a bag and stored somewhere safe ready for assembly at the other end. If screws and fixings are left in the panels, they can't be stacked in the van without them scratching the surfaces of the other panels during transit. Also they are susceptible to buckle and break if left in the wood, particularly the flat pack MDF which can be quite brittle. Once a screw or fixing snaps out of the wood it can't be put back in again causing your furniture to be unsturdy when you attempt to reassemble it.

Flooring Protection

It's wise to cover your flooring and carpets with sheets or cardboard during a removal service. If you've got a nice clean cream carpet you don't want wet feet walking in and out of your house for the next 3 hours ruining it! Lino flooring is particularly vunerable to tear when moving washing machines or fridges especially if it is wet, so make sure adequate protection is down before the work starts.

Pets and children

If it's not possible to get someone to look after your children or pets on the day of your removal service, please make sure they are out of harm's way on the day. When the removal men are carrying large items of furniture up and down stairs, they can't see small children or pets running around their feet and so the consequences could be disastrous. Also, there's been many times we've turned up for a removal job and found the owners dog has left some nice suprises all over the floor leading up to the house. We can't see down at our feet when carrying boxes and furniture to the van and the last thing you want is dog muck walked all over your house. Please make sure that the paths are clear of muck and debris before the work begins.


On street parking on some roads is terrible. Particularly on streets with terraced housing where everyone has double parked. If at all possible, borrow some traffic cones from your local police station and reserve a place for our removal van at your old and new property to ensure our access to the house is as near as possible. If we have to park at the end of the street this is only going to cause your removal service to be doubled due to the amount of walking backwards and forwards.


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