Fequently Asked Questions

Over time our customers will ask us questions before, during or after a removal service. Here we have tried to come up with the most common and place it on this page for you to see. If you have a question that isn't answered on this page, please feel free to email us or give us a call on the above number.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully covered with Goods in Transit insurance for up to £10,000* and Public Liability for up to £1million

*Please note, customers requiring insurance cover for more than £10,000 will need to sort out extra cover from their own insurance company

How many men do I need?

Generally if you are moving house 2 or 3 men will be required. Sometimes 1 man is enough to hire if someone is at both ends to assist with the lifting but please remember that our guys are professional removal experts. If you opt to help our driver, please make sure that you are strong and know the correct procedures for lifting furniture. This will protect both your furniture from being damaged by poor inexperienced lifting and also your back!

If you are moving from a block of flats, an apartment or undertaking an office move then we strongly advice a 3 man and van service due to the nature of these jobs. With 3 men we work at our best with an expert stacker in the van along with the other 2 men who know what furniture to bring and when. This means we can get the job done more quickly which will save you a bit of money by the end of the service.

How do you charge for the removal service?

We charge in blocks of 1 hour. Generally if we go over by about 10 minutes then we will just charge for the previous hour but anything after this we have to charge for that hourly block. Timing begins when we arrive at the property you are moving out of and finishes once we have unloaded the last item into your new place.

Do you give student discounts?

Yes, if you are in hold of a current student NUS card then we are happy to deduct a 10% discount from the final bill.

How long will the removal service take?

We get asked this question all of the time. You may as well ask the question 'How long is a piece of string?!'

We have no way of knowing how long a job will take when you book over the phone as no 2 jobs are ever the same. There are lots of various factors to take into consideration. The most important one being how well prepared you are.

If you have got everything boxed up, and done properly with the lids sealed (we can't stack boxes that are over flowing!), then we can generally load the van quite quickly. If you are still unpacking whilst we are trying to work around you and items are getting handed to us individually that don't stack well in the van then this will take up a lot more time.

We also have to consider how well the access is. If we can park bang outside your property at both addresses then things will run quicker. If parking is bad and we finish up at the end of the street then this is going to take us a lot longer too.

Also, things can take longer if furniture needs to be dismantled or doors need to be removed before we can take furniture out of your home. If this is done before we arrive then we can get the job done quicker. Of course, we don't mind doing this for you if you are happy for us to take care of everything for you!

Can my pets travel with us?

This is answered yes and no. If you have a cat in a lockable travel basket or a hamster in a cage for instance then this is fine. However, we can't allow dogs to travel that are sat on their owners lap. All animals must be in a cage otherwise we can't transport them I'm afraid.

Can I travel with you?

We have 3 seats in the van. 1 is taken by the driver so we have 2 seats left. If you have a 1 or a 2 man service then yes, you are more than welcome to travel with us. However, if you have ordered a 3 man service then I'm afraid there won't be any room for you to travel with us.

Can I have a receipt?

Of course! Just leave the driver your email address at the end of the job and our accounts department will be certain to forward you a receipt on our letter headed paper straight to your inbox. (Failing that, we will post one if you don't have an email address; which is unlikely in this day and age!).

My company will require a written quote/invoice, is this possible?

That's no problem at all. Our accounts department will deal with all of this. Just let us know the details when you are booking the service and we can make sure that all this is sorted out for you.

What happens if I can't pay at the end of the service?

It is a criminal offence to book any service if you don't intend to pay for it. The driver must be paid in cash upon completion of the work. If there is a genuine reason why payment can't be made at the end of the service then our driver will have to take back an item of your property as a deposit. This will be returned once your removal bill has been settled in full.

Do you have storage facilities?

We have a small storage area although we can't guarantee it's availability. Depending on the amount and size of your items that you need to store, we may be able to help out and sort out a fee for the amount of time required.

Do you supply removal boxes, bubble wrap and so on?

We don't supply these directly but can highly recommend a company called Tea Crate Packaging. By clicking on the link you will automatically be entitled to a 10% discount on all the removal packs that they offer.

Do I need to empty drawers first?

If your drawers contain fragile items and breakables then definitely yes, you will need to make sure these are emptied and then packed securely into their own boxes. If the drawers only contain clothes or towels then we can move furniture with them still in. We can take the drawers out and move them separately if the unit is too heavy to carry down with full drawers.

One thing to remember, the legs on some furniture can be quite weak and susceptible to break if put under pressure by heavily loaded drawers and we can't be held responsible for breakages of this nature during transit due to drawers not being properly emptied.


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