Moving from Brazil to England

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Moving from Brazil to England is very exciting but there are some things you need to know. If you want to adapt quickly, you have to prepare for changes. Of course, to transport all the belongings that you want is a job on its own. From one part of the world to another, you want to be sure that your precious belongings are in one piece. Wouldnít you like to hire a company that has an electronic inventory with a photographic record to increase security during the move? To be sure that your belongings are safe and sound, you can also track them. That company is One Moving and Logistics Brazil. Besides the transport, the weather is another thing you need to be aware of. So, letís see what else you need to know when moving from Brazil to England.

Thereís something you need to know about the weather before moving from Brazil to England

You will experience the climate of England shortly after moving from Brazil to England. And it will be different from what youíre used to back at home. Drinking caipirinha, listening to Samba da BenÁ„o under the hot Brazilian sun is what will be different. In England, summer lasts mostly in July. The average temperature is around 26 degrees. Most of the time, it rains a lot, but not like in Brazil, not that powerful. So, be careful with what you are packing, you will need some pullovers and a fancy umbrella. Since, the weather will be mostly grey and cloudy, try to enjoy it and incorporate it into your everyday life. See what the benefits of it are and remember why you are there in the first place. Who knows, maybe you turn into pluviophile.

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Due to all the above, we advise you to buy some boots and rain clothes before moving from Brazil to England. You do not want to be surprised the very first day. Adapting to the UKís weather is a challenge but once youíre there, it will come naturally. Always have an umbrella with you and get ready for the unprepared. Remember, you can always visit another country close by and experience some other type of weather. Use the proximity of European countries and see what they offer as well. In the meantime, check for the cuisine scene, that will be something new. Before doing your Europe trip, check if you have all the documents necessary to visit these countries including England. Before moving from Brazil to England, be sure of the passport validity, visa regulations, and any specific request.

Get your legal documents ready before moving from Brazil to England

You cannot move from Brazil to England if your passport is not valid. You do not want to realise this mistake on the day of the move. Plan all in advance. Not just for the sake of documents but to be money wise. If you have to extend your visa or get a new passport, most likely you will have to pay. And that is going to be an unexpected expense you will want to know waaay in advance. If you already made your budget, you will have to make a new one. So, check that bucket list once again. Check if everything is there, maybe the passport must be valid for more than 6 months. There are different types of visa with different regulations if you are a student or you are going there for work.

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Moving from Brazil to England means that you might have to take the new business license. There are many other tests that you need to pass, such as Life in the UK Test. Some of them you can complete online but anyhow you will have to pay. You must plan this in advance, when you will take the test and how to pay for it. Check if the official documents are in English and have them in three copies. Two paper ones and an electronic one. Send them all to your email just to have it in case. As well, find out more about the international moving insurance, better be safe than sorry. It is always good to contact the embassy to double check everything with the staff. They usually already know what the mistakes that one makes are and they will inform you about it.

Moving from Brazil to England means a new universe of culture

Yes, moving from Brazil to England means that you will have the joy to explore a lot. Learning new customs or teaching some will be revealing to you. Revealing in a way that you will see yourself from a different perspective. That will help you grow. Of course, you will taste some new delicious food, maybe start learning a new language. Make a recipe on your own. Combine the ingredients that you have from Brazil with what you have in the UK. You will miss your cuisine for sure, so be sure to pack the bare necessities. When moving from Brazil to England you shouldnít pack everything with you, use storage facilities. If you are planning to store some of your items in Brazil, make a list of whatís not necessary for moving. There are some things that you donít need and you should keep them in the climate-controlled unit.

As already mentioned, moving to England doesnít mean you should stay only in the UK. Use it as a gateway to other experiences in Europe. Some of the major music festivals are waiting for your selfie. If you are an artist, you require fine arts transportation for your work. You want to be sure that your works are safe so that you can continue mastering your craft. Then get inspired, The Prado is on one end and the Versailles on another. Make the connections with the galleries, present them your craft. If that is too invasive for you, check the alternative performance art scene that is booming in Europe.

At the end of moving from Brazil to England

In the end, donít forget to cherish the day with that Italian wine. Be grateful for the opportunity that you got and use it well. Of course, recommend beautiful beaches in Brazil to explore for your new friends. Explain where you are coming from and share the joy. They will for sure be interested to see all the colours of Brazil. And you make sure to capture all the colours when moving from Brazil to England. Itís adventure time!


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